When we first began setting up small enterprises for NABIO, we desperately needed startup capital. Donations are not always so easy to raise, so we came up with an alternative idea. We purchased a cotton candy machine for £1700. We earned back in less than three days! The machine was used for years at different markets, conferences and concerts. We also brought it along when we had seminars at schools and churches.

A variety of volunteers learned to use the machine. We had quite a few from Grenland Kristne Skole and Troens Liv Bibelsenter. The volunteers at the time all learned how to operate the machine and were enthusiastic to use it – perhaps since all volunteers gets unlimited cotton candy supply?

One of the many weekends we set up our little stall in Brevik, Norway.

The machine has also been a great attraction when NABIO has visited churches, events, and schools to hold seminars about volunteering. NABIO is a child organization of Women and Children Support Team International, and is aiming to find volunteers, ideas and capital to support joint projects.

The teacher learned to use the machine too! Picture from our collaboration project with Grenland Kristne Skole.


A little cotton candy beard!

The cotton candy machine was sold in 2015 to a church in Skien where it continues to make people happy!