NABIO voted in as a Balliol MCR charity 2019/20!

NABIO has been voted as one of the four charities supported by Balliol MCR in 2019/20! It means the charity will receive 25% of the College MCR charity pot – from charity levies and a portion of the two BOP entrance fees.

New team members from Balliol College

It is really warming to be voted in by the MCR members, and we have already got two students joining as team members to help develop our greenhouse project.

Corona has caused a range of challenges for our greenhouse pilot, but it has successfully continued to generate an income for 20 widows. We are hoping that the model can be scalable, and is thinking broadly about how we can move forward to create new pilots.

Introducing: Andreas Prenner

Andreas is one of the new team members that has joined to hep develop the greenhouse project. He is currently studying an MPhil in Economics and is particularly interested in how to develop the financial sustainability of the project.

I really hope that the project is scalable, and we will be able to finance more greenhouses where they are demanded – the more communities we can support in their agricultural projects, the better. 

Andreas Prenner, studying for an MPhil in Economics at Oxford University as a member of Balliol College

I also believe it is very important to evaluate the project. Analysing both the financial data and the insights from the local communities (e.g. through survey answers) are crucial to find out how the greenhouses are improving people’s lives. Using those insights, I hope that together with the local volunteers we can help deliver long-term benefits to the supported communities.

I would love to visit Kenya and see how the project works on the ground! I especially look forward to meeting the people and getting insights into Kenyan society. And I am excited about tasting lots of Kenyan food!