Christmas will be here before we know it, and we bring a brand new collection with us to Tynemouth Market this Saturday! All our baskets come with a little label that tells the story about the women that produce the baskets, which makes it a stylish and ethical gift idea.

Our vision has always been to offer an ethical product that doesn’t compromise price or quality – and we think these baskets will make fabulous Christmas presents! We are run by a group of volunteers, and all profits go to expanding NABIO and to help women in Kenya.

In August, we brought in a new group of widows from the Samuli area. They have already been meeting for years to try and make a change, and we want to help them by including them in Nabio. All profits from Christmas sales will go to supporting this group, providing them with more training in creating baskets and help to sell baskets to tourists in Kenya – on top of profits from any baskets we sell on their behalf. We want our artisan groups to become independent and self-sustaining, using sales of baskets as a springboard for new investments, education and skill development.

So, we hope these baskets will be a hit this Christmas. Come meet us on Saturday, or look out for our new collection online within the next few weeks!