A greenhouse can allow the widow group to grow tomatoes for B2B sales in Nairobi

We have already raised £2300 and want to use it to initiate a greenhouse project for the widow group in Samuli. A contract with a business in Nairobi means the group is guaranteed that the tomatoes will be bought at a decent price.

Businesses can change lives

NABIO’s mission is to support economic development in rural Maasai communities by helping people gain the skills, equipment and network they need to support themselves. 

Over the past 8 years, we have initiated a handful of enterprises – some that succeeded and some that did not, but every single one taught us important lessons.

We believe the greenhouse project has all the hallmarks needed to succeed, and hope the greenhouse will be set up in september this year. The soil and site has already been tested, so we are excited to move forward with the project.

(This plot was donated by the government to the cause. The soil and water has been tested, and will work well if we use the right mix of fertilisers).

The widow group in Samuli has supported each other for years

The widowed women in Samuli have been collaborating for years and helping each other in the ways they can. They meet under the trees in Samuli every week. They discuss different issues they come across, and help each other find solutions. If someone is sick, others can help out with chores. If someone is feeling discouraged, others offer encouraging words. When someone has unexpected expenses, the group can give small loans to each other.

Recently, we met up with the group to try to come up with ideas of how they can increase their income. Many of the members have children and struggle to pay school fees, others need money for health care/medicine, and most need to upgrade their house.

Initially, we were exploring opportunities for the group to join the NABIO Basket project. However, the baskets sales are not stable enough. Instead, we began considering how we can reinvest basket profits to spark a new source of income for the group.

A greenhouse could provide income

By building a greenhouse supplied from Iluminium Greenhouse, the women could grow tomatoes of a high standard. The deal would include a B2B selling contract and insurance, ensuring a stable income that would make a significant change to the women. NABIO will provide support for the group in the first period, assisting with business and agricultural training.

The women already have basic agricultural skills, but training in using a greenhouse with drip irrigation and fertilisation would allow them to produce at a much larger scale and higher quality.

Pictures from Illuminium Greenhouse.

The cost of investing in the project

The total cost of the project will be £3300, and we have raised £2300. This is what’s included in the cost:

  • Site survey and land preparation
  • Greenhouse
  • Rooftop water collection and water tank
  • Drip irrigation kit
  • Seeds and fertilisers
  • Training in greenhouse agriculture
  • Export contract with “Illuminium Greenhouse”
  • Crop insurance


The amount will be reinvested if the group is successful

The proposition is that the widow group will contribute  20% of the startup costs themselves. They are also expected to pay back the investment over the next few years. Then, the amount can be reinvested in another greenhouse for another group.

Contribute to the project

To reach our goal, we need to raise another £700. You can contribute through buying in our web shop, or give a donation to the bank account 2801 51 62319 (charity account, Norwegian bank). 100% of our basket sales and donations will go directly to the purchase of this greenhouse until we have reached our goal!

We are also interested in people that want to give a loan to the group. If you are willing to lend a certain amount interest-free, we would give you the money back as soon as the widow group has paid back. Get in touch with Andrea Stykket at andrea.stykket@gmail.com if you can help.