We are so excited to show you pictures of the brand new greenhouse in Samuli built December 2019! The project is brand new, but the whole NABIO team are excited to see where it goes. 

The greenhouse

We have built a Greenhouse and secured a customer that will buy the products from the widow group. The company will pick up the products monthly, securing a stable income

The greenhouse uses drip irrigation and water collection, which allows the crops to multiply and grow throughout the year – including droughts! It’s supplied by Illuminium Greenhouses, a company started by students in Nairobi – tailored to the Kenyan environment and small groups. 

The next year, the group will receive training from an agriculturalist twice every month. They will be trained in all aspects of keeping the greenhouse, from planting, cuttings, disease prevention, using soil-specific fertilizers, crop rotation, harvesting and packaging. 

The greenhouse is installed and the training has begun. All we can do is to wait and see how the project unfolds.

Our brand new greenhouse is 15M x 8M large, and will allow the group to produce tonns of crop throughout the year

The women group

The Greenhouse will allow the NABIO Nyela womens group to start a business together! The group consists of widows from the Samuli area, and started off as a loan-group to help each other with small investments for school fees and small house upgrades. The group has met weekly for years to help each other when times get rough. With minimal income, the group has struggled to pay for their children’s education, health care, and increase their living standards. 

Two years ago, they began trying to gain a small income together. They tried a few different ways without much success, but its clear that the group has a lot of motivation and capacity to help themselves. We reached out to see if we could assist in any way. We always want to make sure the projects we start are genuine solutions the local communities believe in, and had open discussions to brainstorm different options. 

The NABIO NYELA widow group at the planning meeting where we discussed how they would want to start a business, and how we could work together

Our dream of more greenhouses!

The group has received the greenhouse as a conditional loan. They will only pay it back if they succeed at gaining an income, and will pay back a fraction of their profits. This way, the group is not responsible to pay the loan back if they do not gain an income. The training will not be repaid, and is funded fully by NABIO. 

We see this project as a pilot. If they succeed, we hope to use the repayment to invest in new greenhouses for other women groups. We have met tenfolds of women groups that work together to help themselves, and would love to give them access startup-support. 

Steal beams that forms the structure of the greenhouse

Who we are grateful for

First, a big thank you to all our local partners in Samuli. First and foremost to the leaders of the NABIO NYALA group, Lucky and Josephine.

Gratitude also goes to Rasime Tarayia for donating a plot to the greenhouse, Jacinta Taryia for communicating with the group, Bernard Moloma Supeet for coordinating the volunteers and building, Thomas Tarayia for maintaining communications, Karen Mataiko for all your ideas and insights, and the numerous volunteers that helped install the greenhouse.

This project would not have been possible without the numerous donors that have put faith in this project, the anonymous lender of the amount we lacked, and the customers and managers of the NABIO basket web-shop. A special thank you to the Newcastle University marketing group that helped create the branding, photography, marketing and web-shop for NABIO. Especially Lydia Broom and Ellen Dixon, your photography has been paramount to getting the baskets sold. And, to Ellen Sørensen for help with all aspects of the proejct, and Sami-Jo Florance for running errands to the post office when we sell baskets.