Before the clinic, Samuli had no other health facilities nearby, leaving the local communities without easy access to healthcare.

Together with the local community and Women and Children (parent organization), we initiated a meeting with Kajiado county to discuss potentials for setting up a dispensary. Kajiado decided to donate a plot to the purpose, which was handed over to a CBO with three founding organizations – including NABIO. Since then, a dispensary has been built with profits from Cafe Oasen, the Oasis secondhand shop, and generous donors. We are super grateful for all the volunteers that were part of fundraising through different social events or through volunteering at the cafe!

The clinic was built with bricks produced by the MAKIGA brick project.

Samuli Dispensary was opened in may 2019 and handed back to the local county. Kajiado county has committed to funding the ongoing running of the clinic, ensuring that the fascilities will continue to run for years.

We also have a goal to establish outreach programmes, preventative initiatives, and workshops. Please get in touch if you are interested in contributing.