What we do

Since 2019, our mission is to support women groups into commercial agriculture by providing the necessary resources and support. We have been piloting a model with a woman group over 4 seasons and are working towards scaling it.

Who we are

We are an international team combining the best of lived and professional experiences. An extended community team is working together with a group of students from Oxford University.


NABIO started 2010, formalised in 2013, founded by a group of youth from Kenya and Norway. It was inspired by a shared desire to create income opportunities in the communities around Samuli, starting with an opportunistic mission to start as many social enterprises as possible.

Since then, NABIO has founded a range of enterprises, many which run till this day. However, in 2019, our focus shifted from starting one-off businesses, wanting to use our experience and network to build a scalable enterprise to multiply impact. 

Lived Experience and community involvement has stood at the heart of the ethos since its inception. All board members work voluntarily on the start-ups and cover their own expences, guaranteeing that all donations goes directly towards seed funding the initiatives.

Volunteers have contributed in various ways along the way, including community organisations, Kajiado County, Norwegian youth groups, the GKS youth school team, and the Newcastle University team.