Supporting women groups into commercial agriculture

Agriculture accounted for the largest share of poverty reduction in Kenya in the past decade. We are on a mission to include women groups in this statistic in the future.

Holistic support 

Multiple barriers to entering commercial agriculture must be addressed simultaneously to support groups like Nyela. NABIO offers:

120m2 modern greenhouse

Roof water harvest, water tank, and irrigation kit

Bi-weekly agricultural training

Market contracts

Insurance setup

Community support team

Living wages and local ownership

NABIO is a purpose-driven organisation with the only aim of supporting women groups to make a living. Our model therefore:

Removing group risk

The services are offered as a loan, but it is only repaid as a percentage of sales made to the market buyer.

Ensure fair wages

From the first harvest, the group members earn hourly wages above market standard.

Hands over ownership

The group owns the greenhouse fully once the loan is repaid, allowing earnings to further increase.

Scalability at a profit

Our goal is to extend our impact to as many groups as possible. Our model is built to:

Scale through repayments

Each group repais the cost of support as a percentage of sales, allowing a repayment rate of 7 years. 

Be self-sustainable

The model allows one staff to be hired for every 4 greenhouses in operation. We are working towards this milestone to employ the first head of operations on ground.

1 pilot

21 women

4 harvests

24 training sessions

Andrea Stykket

General secretary

Mide Griffin


Benjamin Freeborn

Research and Impact

Bernard Moloma Supeet

Community relations

Jacinta Loiso

Womens representative

Reverent Rasime Loiso

Community support

Karen Mataiko

Student engagement

Max Nunn

Marketing and Communications

Jan Vlcek

Agro-ecology and agronomy advisor